Our Policies

Company Responsibility

DUCTMAKERS take pride in being a responsible corporate citizen and undertakes to conduct operations and produce quality goods and services in a manner that is friendly to the environment and without risk to personal health or safety. Senior Management is responsible to review this policy to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.


Company Objectives

Ductmakers main objectives are:

Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and other legal requirements which are relevant to Ductmakers.

Always strive for cleaner production, products and packaging to prevent pollution

Reviewing our objectives and targets and where appropriate take preventative actions.

Effectively communicating and encouraging commitment to our operating policy by all of our employees.

The main driver in the achievement of our CARE objectives is our culture of Continuous Improvement that embraces all of the operations and functions of Ductmakers.   


Safety is our number 1 priority

Ductmakers is committed to a Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) culture that represents a Safety first with Zero Harm outcome for all its employees, contractors and visitors.

Our focus on continuous improvement provides us a proactive approach to safety whereby hazards, incidents/accidents and injuries are prevented before they occur. This approach is only possible with active participation from all employees with encouragement and commitment from our Management team.

Our management systems are based on the premise of “keep it simple and relevant” and as such extensive use of visual aids, supported by frequent onsite training ensures our employees are competent and confident to perform their daily tasks safely and efficiently.